Persons Weekday Weekends CNY Holiday
1 $2000 $2000 $3500
2 $2800 $2800 $4500
3 $3500 $3500 $5500
4 $4200 $4200 $6500
Reservations: 089-531065 ‧ 0984-320559 Chuang, Po-Yao

  • Weekdays are defined as Monday through Thursday.
  • Weekends are defined as standard weekends (Friday and Saturday), long weekends, and national holidays.
  • We welcome you to visit for holiday. The fee for extending your stay during weekdays and standard weekends is NTD $500 (excludes long weekends, national holidays, and CNY holiday).
  • Each room in the inn is mostly identical. As guests often extend their stay, we do not allow reservations of designated rooms. Feel free to tell us which room you like and we will try our best to arrange it.
  • Includes freshly made breakfast with fruits, beverages, and coffee.
  • Each room accommodates a maximum of 4 guests, each guest above this limit requires a NTD $1000 fee per person.
  • We no longer accept pets (we’ve been horrified).
  • [Latest News] We’re cooperating with a major Taiwanese medical equipment supplier and guests who stay during weekends/CNY holiday will receive 1 wrist blood pressure monitor for each room (premium BP monitor with a retail price over NTD $1000, certified by the European Society of Hypertension), supplies are limited!