There’s no luxurious mansion, but a fusion with nature;
There aren’t too many man-made facilities, only God-given nature!

Forest Suite

The room’s primary theme of green,
Coupled with the leaf edged ceiling light,
Relax on our specially selected seaweed lounge chair,
Feel the comfort of enjoying Phytoncides in the forest.

Fantasy Suite

The fantasy suite’s primary theme is purple,
Coupled with the floral ceiling and wall lights,
Relax with a cup of coffee in the chairs woven with tri-color vines,
It’s a favorite for lovers of flora!

Earth Suite

The theme of light brown,
Coupled with the leaf ceiling light,
Emits the warmth and stability of the land,
Especially designed for families vacationing with 3 generations,
A small Japanese room designed with narra,
Functions for chatting over tea or sleeping.

Ocean Suite

Taking the blue color of the sea as a primary color,
round ceiling light matching square wall lamp,
like an orbicular sky watching a rectangular earth.
The Sky and the Earth are represented in this tiny room,
adding to that a chair made of driftwood,
For you, who loves the ocean, the feeling of natural comfort,
This is your most suitable room.

Sunshine Suite

The sunshine suite’s primary theme is orange,
Coupled with the cute frog ceiling light,
You’ll feel the warmth of sunlight even indoors,
Relax and enjoy the sun’s warmth in the chairs woven with tri-color vines.