There’s no luxurious mansion, but a fusion with nature;
There aren’t too many man-made facilities, only God-given nature!

Gaze out at an endless field of azure of the ocean and heavens or the emerald mountains.

Has it been too long for you...

For how long have we trudged through the sea of cars and people.

Forgetting to raise our heads and gaze at a sky full of stars.

Do you still remember the smell of dirt, the aroma of grass?

When was the last time you were embraced by mountains and were
able to turn around to look out at the ocean?

Dear travelers, come be our guest at “Moonrise Inn”.

Here you’ll find a banquet of mountains and oceans.

The aroma of flora, starlight, singing insects, morning dew.

Escape the city with comfort and serenity with soft ocean song and
good cuisine.

Take that step now and find yourself in the throes of wondrous nature!