There’s no luxurious mansion, but a fusion with nature;
There aren’t too many man-made facilities, only God-given nature!

Choosing a Name is a Difficult Task

“Moonrise Inn” originated from the creator’s amazement at the unique and beautiful scene of the “moon rising from the ocean”. Our 1600 ping bread and breakfast contains 5 colorful rooms. The B&B gazes out at the Pacific Ocean and is backed by Dulan Mountain, which is a sacred mountain of the Amis and Puyuma people, and also known as “Taitung’s Fuji Mountain” during Japanese rule. The owner’s love for tranquility made him fall in love with this place years ago at first sight. The beautiful scenery of the beautiful moon and ocean backed by the emerald hills of “little hundred peaks” gathers spiritual energy from the mountains and seas, marking it as a unique and blessed geographical location; the owner fell in love at first sight and could not help but linger here, making Moonrise Inn his home.

Full View of Mountains and Ocean

Travelers who adore the mountains and oceans are welcome to stay at Moonrise Inn where the exquisite views of nature are fantastic year-round. When the weather is good, layers of emerald jade span the mountain behind while an endless sea of blue linking the ocean and skies spans out in front. During overcast days, mists surround Dulan Mountain while the ocean stays majestic as always. We’ve put away TVs so that travelers can star gaze at night or fall asleep to the ocean’s lullaby; wake up in the morning, take a deep breath and wash away the troubles and fatigue of city life. Here, the mountains and oceans help travelers let go of the hardships of their journey.

The owner is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in the U.S. and possesses an almost stubborn passion for creating unique breakfasts for his guests! Returning customers love to sit at the long bench of the main building and enjoy their breakfasts while gazing at the sea. It’s said that our breakfast is the best amongst all bread and breakfasts in the area so if you haven’t experienced it, come and have a try!

Central Garden

At the center of the inn is an organic garden cared for by our landscaping indigenous friends. Travelers with some knowledge will be astonished to discover rosemary, lemongrass, and other herbs; we welcome our guests to pick a few leaves and enjoy handpicked herbal tea on the bench swing. A small field of cherry tomatoes and bananas behind the building is also shared with our guests. Our regular customers include writers that require a quiet environment, engineers working remotely (the inn provides free Wi-Fi), surfers (we are close to the ocean that hosts Taiwan Open of Surfing), lovers, and families that enjoy a banquet of nature.

The owner of Moonrise Inn is quiet in nature. His hope is that every traveler can enjoy the comfort and serenity of the space through a painstaking breakfast and clean environment. You might be disappointed if you’re looking for an owner who can chat up every guest. If you want a quiet environment to enjoy with family and friends, come and stay at Moonrise Inn! As a reminder to guests who wish to stay here, the inn has two dogs who are a little more than a year old; their temperament is gentle but active and passionate! At the right of the inn is a small stable with two cute lambs. If you love animals, come and enjoy a stay with us!