There’s no luxurious mansion, but a fusion with nature;
There aren’t too many man-made facilities, only God-given nature!

The idea behind the design of “Moonrise Inn” was to build an eco-friendly green architecture. In Taitung, places with shade and a slight breeze are inherently cool. However, building an eco-friendly building that conserves energy and integrates into the natural environment of Taitung still requires much diligence from the architect. First, we raised the foundation and hollowed out the roof. The raised foundation becomes well ventilated and can effectively reduce moisture from the ground surface. By raising the building, we increased the outdoor hallway’s view distance to the Pacific Ocean as an added benefit; the hollowed roof prevents direct sunlight onto the roof and reduces indoor temperature, providing rooms with increased comfort.

Furthermore, each room was designed with careful consideration to ventilation and convection. We utilized a single-floor design to integrate the building harmoniously with its natural surroundings; the front-balcony of the building provides an amazing view of the mountains and oceans from afar while up close, guests can enjoy the grassy field and spice garden of “Moonrise Inn”. We aim to help travelers forget about the mundane to enjoy the moment!

We trust that after seeing our house, you will be attracted by this gem that is hidden in nature, designed generously, and harmonious with nature. The time and effort we put into the design of the house has bestowed it with a vitality that is a perfect match with the land it resides. I hope what I cherish will also become what you appreciate.