There’s no luxurious mansion, but a fusion with nature;
There aren’t too many man-made facilities, only God-given nature!

Room Pricing

Persons Weekday Weekends CNY Holiday
1 $2000 $2000 $3500
2 $2800 $2800 $4500
3 $3500 $3500 $5500
4 $4200 $4200 $6500

Weekdays are defined as Monday through Thursday.

Weekends are defined as standard weekends (Friday and Saturday), long weekends, and national holidays.

We welcome you to visit for holiday. The fee for extending your stay during weekdays and standard weekends is NTD $500 (excludes long weekends, national holidays, and CNY holiday).

Each room in the inn is mostly identical. As guests often extend their stay, we do not allow reservations of designated rooms. Feel free to tell us which room you like and we will try our best to arrange it.

Includes freshly made breakfast with fruits, beverages, and coffee.

Each room accommodates a maximum of 4 guests, each guest above this limit requires a NTD $1000 fee per person.

We no longer accept pets (we’ve been horrified).

[Latest News] We’re cooperating with a major Taiwanese medical equipment supplier and guests who stay during weekends/CNY holiday will receive 1 wrist blood pressure monitor for each room (premium BP monitor with a retail price over NTD $1000, certified by the European Society of Hypertension), supplies are limited!

Payment Information

Reservations: 089-531065 ‧ 0984-320559 Chuang, Po-Yao

Please wire your deposit via ATM or bank wire to the following account within 2 days of reservation.

  • Bank: Taiwan Cooperative Bank – Erchong Branch
  • Bank Code: 006
  • Account: 1586-765-022-809
  • Account name: Chuang Po-Yao

The deposit is 50% of the room price, please wire the full amount during CNY holiday (because the banks are all closed!).

The deposit is 50% of the room price, please wire the full amount during CNY holiday (because the banks are all closed!).

If travelers wish to cancel agreements before departing on your journey, please comply with the laws and regulations of the ROC Consumers’ Foundation.

We hope you’ll enjoy everything we’ve prepared. While welcoming you, we want to offer few friendly reminders:

The hot weather is no longer unbearable

We have air conditioning! During the hot summers in Dulan, hot weather is no longer a reason for us to shy away from nature. Moonrise Inn is a unique building designed to accommodate the natural environments of Taitung: ventilation, insulation, and anti-humidity. If you still feel that it’s too hot, we have air conditioning to cool you off!

Brand new bathrooms

We redesigned the bathrooms and interiors in May of 2016! We hope you enjoy the comfortable and clean space with new equipment and planning!

Please bring your own toiletries

We hope to lessen the burden on the environment so please bring your own towels, toothbrush, and other personal toiletries. We provide body wash, shampoo, and toothpaste. If you forget anything, there’s a 7-11 and convenience stores in Dulan Village where you can make purchases.

Solar energy details

In order to make good use of Taitung’s passionate sun, our hot water system is powered by solar energy and requires heating during overcast days when sunlight is not ample. If you aren’t showering between 17:00-22:00, please let us know so we can warm it up for you. As a reminder, when there is ample sunlight the water is quite hot so to prevent burns, please turn on the cold water first before turning on hot water and allow the two to mix before taking a shower. (guest rooms include instructions on operating bathroom facilities)

That soft and moisturized feeling, not bad right!

You don’t have to be in Jhihben for that feeling of enjoyment from hot springs! Here’s a secret, Moonrise Inn uses treated soft water so your skin will feel soft and moisturized after washing. Don’t scrub too hard to remove that softness or your delicate skin may become rough! Don’t worry, just let it be soft and moisturized!

Down summer blanket + charcoal wool blanket

Taitung is the land of the sun and enjoys temperate climate year-round. If you feel that the weather is a bit cool and your blanket isn’t warm enough, feel free to use the charcoal wool blankets in the closet.

Connect with the world

We provide Wi-Fi for your use.

I remember under the moonlight

Dulan Village is a quiet place where many visit for a peaceful, relaxing vacation. Please keep your voice down after 9 PM and enjoy a symphony of nature under the silver moonlight.

Healthy breakfast

Breakfast is provided in the mornings from 7:30-9:30. If you want to dine outside of these hours, please let us know.

Sleep early and wake up early

Mornings at Moonrise Inn are comfortable. There’s fresh air, a beautiful sunrise, and the nearby Moonlight Shack boasts beautiful views overlooking Dulan Village. Walking to and from Moonlight Shack takes approximately an hour and thirty minutes so if you wake up early, you can enjoy the fresh forest air!!